“Building The Nation One Child At A Time”

The first D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) Day at Nyarurambi Primary School!

Felician, NITEO emerging parnter, has been working with Nyarurambi Primary School in western Uganda to foster a reading culture in a school with declining attendance. Declining attendance means that while a kindergarten class may begin with 100 students, for example, by grade 7, this same class size will have reduced to 50 or less as a result of students dropping out of school. Reasons for declining attendance include children are needed to start working on the family farm or business or the inability of the family to pay school fees. 

Picking up books for the school library.

As a result of her partnership with NITEO, Felician was able to start a school library in 2023.

This year, Felician wanted to do more. 

Library Opening Day!

She had a dream and a vision for running the first ever D.E.A.R day (Drop Everything And Read) for students at the school. NITEO connected Felician with Olivia, the founder of PeerLink Initiative Uganda (PELI-U), another NITEO partner organization. Olivia coached and advised Felician as she had run many such events!


It gave us so much joy when Felician shared photos of the event which was held for 45 students!

Supporting literacy leaders like Felician is made possible through your financial support. We are grateful for every donation made and want you to know you are a part of “building the nation one child at a time.” 

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