NITEO supports children and families to develop the literacy skills needed to build bright and hopeful futures. We do this through strategic global and Canadian partnerships.

What We Do

Globally, we partner with organizations to supply community libraries by collecting and shipping gently used books from Canada to Uganda.

We build capacity through training Literacy Leaders – teachers, high school students, community leaders, elders, and parents.

We support literacy learning through open-sourced resources – When We Give Children Books and Leadership in Literacy Micro-credential.

We intentionally build relationships between grassroots leaders and volunteers across the globe.

Locally, we collect donations of gently used books to send to Uganda. We invest in newcomer and refugee families through our Story As Community Family Reading Program in Kelowna and Vernon.

Story As Community sessions in Kelowna and Vernon
Tons of books shipped
Children given books in Africa in 2023
Visits to Niteo libraries per month

“Life is hard, characterized with domestic violence, unwanted pregnancies, alcohol and drug abuse…but the library is their centre of hope.”

David Peter Omedo


here are Our core Values


here are Our core Values

Principle One

Principle two

NITEO is invested in fostering a reading culture. This culture is informed by its Literacy Manifesto (see When We Give Children Books)

Principle Two

Principle two

NITEO’s reading culture embraces a broadened sense of literacy. Literacy, by definition, is how we survive and thrive in a changing world.

Principle Three

Principle three

NITEO respects the worthiness of every child, family, and community and will hold space for personal and cultural actualization.

Principle Four

Principle four

NITEO’s work rests in developing and maintaining authentic, reciprocal, responsive relationships, both locally and globally. There is no us or them.

Principle Five

Principle five

NITEO values and embraces the UN Sustainable Development Goals. NITEO uses these goals to inform its activities and seeks partnerships with organizations/groups that embrace the goals within their work.

Principle Six

Principle six

Recognizing that the UN SDGs do not directly address indigenous rights or definitions of well-being, NITEO will strive to decolonize our work.



Your trust in us as donors makes it our responsibility to show you how your contributions are making an impact. For this reason, NITEO is committed to upholding complete financial transparency.

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