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A wholehearted Thanksgiving

Can we come together to raise $10,000 in one week?

Thank you. 

Together, we raised $20,173 to further the life-changing work of literacy equity in Uganda.

Your WHOLEHEARTED generosity allowed us to surpass and DOUBLE our goal this Thanksgiving! Thank you for believing in and supporting this beautiful work and investing in wholehearted readers and leaders in our global village!


We look forward to seeing where next year’s adventure in generosity takes us!

Our hearts are gripped by the inspiring stories of our partners in Uganda and the wholehearted work they are doing to serve their communities.

Last year, we were blown away by the response to our Wildy Hopeful Thanksgiving Fundraiser campaign. In only 6 days, we raised, together, $10,000 to support the literacy efforts and initiatives of NITEO!

This year, we are planning to be boldly hopeful again as we launch a Wholehearted Thanksgiving 2023.

We want to further the work of getting more books into the hands of children, investing in local leaders, and building bright and hopeful futures! The only way we can do this is together. 
We know times are tight and we want this to be a collective fundraiser, a goal that we reach TOGETHER. We are asking everyone to simply give what you can.
If 1,500 people give $7, we will not only have reached our goal, but surpassed it!

This year we are thrilled to share that an anonymous donor has agreed to MATCH EVERY DONATION up to $10,000!!

So, your gift to NITEO will have double the impact for ONE WEEK:  

October 5 – 12, 2023


Can you give $7 this Thanksgiving?


Can you ask 7 friends or family members to also give $7?


Together, we can reach this goal.

I am not rich and I am struggling like most people to save money so I can't help much, but if we all help with something we can make it grow.

- A Wholehearted Donor
You can give online or mail your donation to:
NITEO Africa Society
PO Box 29165
Kelowna, BC V1W 4A7
You can also donate to NITEO and receive a US charitable giving receipt through The Mirembe Project by giving online at the link below or by mailing a cheque to:
The Mirembe Project
20 Plaza Street East, No. C11,
Brooklyn, NY 11238


Please write NITEO in the memo line.