Our Story

NITEO Launches the Youth Voices Program

NITEO starts a pilot Youth Voices creative writing program for newcomer and immigrant teens!

NITEO Offers Literacy Training in Uganda with Read for Life Uganda

NITEO partnered with Read for Life Uganda to offer a literacy training program in Uganda. NITEO also expanded Story As Community to the Vernon ORL branch! 

NITEO hires it’s first full-time Executive Director

A big year for NITEO! The organization's first full-time Executive Director, Antonia De Boer, was appointed to lead a strategic relaunch season. NITEO also launched Story as Community, a six-week family reading program for newcomer and immigrant families. The program is run in partnership with the Okanagan Regional Libraries at the Kelowna Downtown and Rutland branches. Moreover, Ask8 Centre for Skills Development became an emerging partner in Kumi, Uganda. They run vocational training programs and now offer a community library! The Niteo Africa UBCO student club was formed soon after. NITEO ended the year by shipping its 10th sea-can of books to Uganda!

2020 - 21

With the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic on the global scene, NITEO went on a hiatus and focused on sending emergency micro-grants to partners in Uganda. 

NITEO’s micro-credential Leadership in Literacy is produced

NITEO’s micro-credential Leadership in Literacy was produced and delivered to over 50 educators and community partners

NITEO launches 12 literacy centres

NITEO launched 12 literacy centres and sent over 99 U.S. Tons of books to Uganda. These books have landed in the hands of many children, schools, and communities beyond the reach of these 12 centres as our partners have further distributed books

Niteo opens a literacy centre in Pader
Niteo opens a literacy centre in Odek

This centre closed during the covid-19 pandemic

Growth in Uganda

Niteo partners with Ms. Nageeba, founder of Restoring and Empowering Communities. Niteo creates its first Container-As-Library at K’Wanda School

NITEO becomes a charity & purchase a vehicle

Niteo became a registered charity (Niteo Africa Society) in Canada. 

Niteo purchases a vehicle to assist with distributing books to supply community libraries.(Note: In 2022 this van was gifted to Elohim Development Association for their ongoing use). 

Eva Ruf Resource Centre Opens
Niteo Africa Society is founded

Niteo Africa Society was founded by Karine Veldhoen and a team of individuals committed to reciprocal partnerships in Uganda. 

Together is the only way to scale our reach and multiply our impact.

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