Celebrate Community: Family Bowling Event!

Did you know? 

5 pin bowling is Canadian?? 

On March 24th, we booked the ENTIRE Okanagan Bowling Club for an afternoon of family bowling!

The purpose of this event was to provide a welcoming space for families who are new to Kelowna and Canada to connect as a family, participate in a low barrier recreation activity, meet new families, and learn more about resources in the community such as the United Against Discrimination Coalition here in Kelowna. We welcomed information booths from KCR Community Resources and the Central Okanagan Family Hub. 

Tickets sold out and 20 families attended the event which included Human Bingo, Glo Bowl, a colouring contest, and a pizza lunch! 80 parents, children, and volunteers had a great time together. 

80% of families who replied to our feedback survey indicated that they met new families as a result of the event which was what we had hoped for! Community building, one strike at a time 🙂


“I have seven children and I am a single mom. Finding any low cost family event is wonderful for me.” 

“NITEO creates a warm atmosphere for families new to Canada, enabling them to build friendships and connections in the community. I strongly encourage NITEO to continue organizing such events.” 

“I always love joining this program. Need more of these kind[s] of program for us.”  

We are grateful to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation for their financial support and to our dedicated team of volunteers who made this event possible. 

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