The Great Postcard Experiment!

We had an idea. 

What would it look like to connect students in Kelowna, BC, Canada with students in Uganda? 

We asked students at OKM School to write 300 inspirational postcards with messages about the value or reading and education. The students rallied and dedicated a few lunch hours at the school library to gather and write out individual messages. 

Then, our director, Antonia, packed them in her suitcase while travelling to Jinja, Uganda in December. 

At the Jinja libraries Children’s Christmas party we gave each child a card to keep and asked them to write a card in response. 

There was so much excitement among the children to write a card in response!

Antonia shared what she observed: “I met some children who received a card at their Jinja library a few days after the event. They were still carrying their cards! One clever girl had collected a few extra cards and was carrying them in a plastic bag to protect them from dust and rain. She carefully pulled out the cards and looked at them one by one before ensuring she returned them to her bag for safekeeping. A gift that will keep on giving for many days to come.” 

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