Ask8 Center for Skills & Development

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with Ms. Deborah Asikeit, founder of the Ask8 Community Centre & Library. 

Ask8 received an initial supply of books from Elohim, a current partner who is doing incredible things to replicate our community library model! After a successful pilot, Ask8 is in the process of becoming an official partner with NITEO Africa. 

Deborah shared how they were able to provide members of their community books during the lockdown of the covid-19 pandemic so that learning could continue despite school closures. 

One of the challenges they faced was convincing members of the community that they could actually sign out a book to take home, no strings attached!

It seemed to good to be true as access to physical books is limited and expensive when they are available.

A section of the library sign-out ledger.

Deborah shared with us photos of the first members of the community to sign out books, two teenage girls, and the smiles on their faces are what motivate us to continue doing this mighty work of expanding literacy equity and access!

The FIRST two community members to sign out library books!

Our NITEO network in Uganda is rapidly expanding as we partner with community organizations, schools, and rotary clubs.

Stay tuned for more updates and library introductions!

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