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Create a Rich Literacy Learning Environment

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Hello Literacy Leaders!

Welcome to Niteo Africa’s micro-credential program, Leadership in Literacy. As a Literacy Leader, you can impact generations with the benefits of literacy. Niteo Africa is honoured to partner with you as you learn and as we learn from you. Enjoying reading and reading a lot is the best thing a child can do to reap the benefits of literacy. These benefits include improvements in health, career, and community. Your work here is critically important as you design your next steps in enriching your literacy learning environment. The insights you gain as you lead this program can be used to fine-tune future sessions, so please share your thoughts with Niteo Africa at in**@ni***.org. Thank you for your literacy leadership. It is heroic work!

About this course: 

Since 2019, this micro-credential has inspired and equipped literacy leaders in Uganda, Ghana, and Canada. Participants in this course have ranged from educators to volunteer Reading Mentors to nonprofit leaders. For this course to have the maximum impact on you as a participant, we encourage you to choose a context in which you envision yourself implementing the principles and practices you will learn. There will be reflection questions throughout the course, which we encourage you to answer in light of the context in which you are or will be working or volunteering. At the end of the period, you can create a Strategic Action Plan to take what you have learned and put it into action. At the end of the course, you will be asked to develop a Strategic Action Plan to take what you have learned and put it into action. At any point, if you have questions or ideas that you want to discuss, please reach out to: in**@ni***.org, and we would be happy to connect!

What you’ll learn

  • The Learning Cycle

Learners will choose overview and reflection tools appropriate for their teaching applications.

  • The Power of Reading for Pleasure

Learners will assess the most effective illustration to encourage reading in their classrooms.

  • The Power of Literacy

Learners will design a poster highlighting that reading is foundational to thriving in all literacies. Work with colours & fonts.

  • When We Give Children Books

Learners will generate a collective list of actions to promote a rich literacy learning environment.

  • You Matter

Learners will develop personal strategies for creating a positive classroom culture through caring relationships.

  • Read Aloud

Learners will use the Read Aloud Checklist to model best practices for reading aloud.

  • Reading Comprehension Strategies

Learners will integrate the five strategies into their teaching practice.

  • Leadership in Literacy Action Plan

Learners will plan a strategic action plan for leading literacy learning in their communities.


  • This Micro-Credential Level 1 course – The Power of Reading, requires books – When we give children books
  • You must be affiliated with NITEO.