Our Values

Reciprocity – Everyone has something to offer and everyone has something to learn. 

Respect – All people will be treated with dignity. All opinions will be heard and valued. 

Relationship – At the heart of literacy learning are healthy relationships – with ourselves, with others, and with our world.

Sustainable – Every participant becomes a conduit of literacy learning for others, which is not only sustainable, but an exponential investment in future generations.

Community – Literacy learning flourishes in communities, rather than in isolated academic endeavors.

Our 5 Design Principles

Niteo launches all initiatives based on our organizational design principles.

Principle 1

NITEO is invested in fostering a reading culture. This culture is informed by its Literacy Manifesto (see When We Give Children Books).

Principle 2

NITEO’s reading culture embraces a broadened sense of literacy. Literacy, by definition, is how we survive and thrive in a changing world.

Principle 3

NITEO respects the worthiness of every child, family, and community and will hold space for personal and cultural actualization.

Principle 4

NITEO’s work rests in the development and maintenance of authentic relationships that are reciprocal and responsive, both locally and globally. There is no us / them.

Principle 5

NITEO values and embraces the UN Sustainable Development Goals. NITEO uses these goals to inform its activities, and it seeks partnerships with organizations / groups who embrace the goals within their work. Recognizing that the UN SDGs do not directly address indigenous rights or definitions of wellbeing, NITEO will strive to decolonize our work.