Then & Now: 1 Year After A Training Session

Last year, we tried something new. 

We invited 20 literacy leaders to participate in a 3 Day Phonics Training, facilitated by Read For Life Uganda and funded by NITEO’s generous community. 

We believe learning needs to be life-wide. 

We had an idea of equipping our community partners in phonics and literacy skills so students could continue their learning both inside and outside the classroom. 

Our partners did not disappoint. 

One participant shared how she went home after the first day of training and began teaching her 4 year old daughter the phonics sounds she had learned. She knew that what she was learning was too important to keep to herself, it had to be shared as quickly as possible to as many as possible!

The team at WPDI in Kiryandongo, UG ran reading clubs and sessions for 147 refugee children during their August term break from school. 

They went on to incorporate phonics lessons into their school visits and even began using the skills to teach Arabic speaking adult refugees English. 

Now, in 2024 we brought some resources (charts and Ugandan children’s books) and have scheduled a second Read For Life training to cover the next level of phonics and more!

We can’t wait to share where this next step will take us!

Global Partnership for Local Impact. 

Would you partner with NITEO today so that more children can experience the lifechanging gift of literacy? 

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